Getting Started

These docs are still being worked on.

What is it?

The purpose of is very simple. Yield aggregator for lending platforms that rebalances for highest yield whenever the contract is interacted with.

Full documentation available

The system currently supports;


Upcoming support for $BAT, $KNC, $LINK, $MKR, $REP, $SNX, $ZRX.

The system current aggregates;

Compound Fulcrum dYdX Aave

Pending integration for DDEX and LENDF.

Comparative products

Similar services in this space include RAY, idleDAI, topo (not yet launched), and metamoneymarkets (not yet launched).

Why build it?

The system simplifies the user journey so that the #DeFi investor does not have to worry about the underlying protocols, yield hunting or understanding complex #DeFi strategies.

It simplifies complex strategies like being an LP provider to Uniswap (via iETH) or depositing DAI into cDAI with swap from cDAI to cUSDC and into Curve, a strategy example

When comparing interest, it also considers LP opportunities with the underlying token protocol, so it won’t just compare iDAI with cDAI, but also weigh up how much APR is possible by being an LP for ETH/cDAI and adjusts the cDAI performance based on this calculation.

Anything else?

The system is built out of different mini components (heavily inspired by DeFi_Zap) that are usable and composable on-chain, such as APR aggregators, recommendation decision trees, or just interfaces. Full documentation registry and interfaces available

Detailed Introduction

With the onset of DeFi numerous strategies exist for the investor. To list just a few;

  • Lend out ETH in Compound.

  • Swap ETH to USDC and lend on Aave.

  • Be a liquidity provider for ETH/USDC on Uniswap.

The possible strategies are an ever increasing list.

  • Do you trade your ETH to DAI and invest in DSR?

  • Do you go 2x long ETH on dYdX and take 50% to DAI swapped to cDAI and then 25%/25% into Uniswap cDAI/ETH liquidity?

  • Do you hedge your cDAI into cUSDC and be an LP for

The list of possibilities and analytics becomes far too numerous to manage.

To address the above concerns we developed is a set of protocols with simplicity in mind. You provide the asset you wish to earn on, swap it for it's representative token (ETH to iETH), and the underlying ETH will be invested based on the current most optimal strategy. This engine is not a rates aggregator that then puts your ETH into Fulcrum, because it has the highest rate. Instead it analyzes strategies across different spheres. It takes into consideration pool liquidity in Uniswap, and if there might be a better strategy for fees since this is a hedged position. It will look for swap opportunities between multiple exchanges for the least amount of slippage. is an open source protocol. There is no central token or platform fee. No bias towards any investor. Strategies can be added in an open and free manner. All smart contract functions are public.


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